SSR Wheels Zippo Promotion

SSR Wheels is running a limited time promotion, offering limited edition SSR Zippos lighters! One of which is a Silver Zippo with the traditional SSR Logo and the other is a limited quantity (only 40 made!) to celebrate our 40th Anniversary! The 40th Anniversary Zippo lighters are individually numbered so you know you’ve got a truly rare piece of SSR merchandise!

In each box of wheels shipped out, you will have instructions of what to do so keep your eye out for them!

Download the form and fill it out completely. Send it back to us with 3 pictures of your car where the face of the wheel can clearly be seen. We will review your submission and contact you. (May take up to 2-3 weeks)

Rules: The car must have wheels that are currently in production and any pictures that are used which are not taken/shot by them self, must be accompanied with written permission from the photographer of the photos to qualify as these pictures may/will be used for future SSR Wheels/ Tanabe USA advertisements, flyers and picture galleries.

Internet Forum: You must create a thread and keep it updated on the first page of any given sub-section of a forum for a period of 3 weeks. The thread should contain high quality pictures with numerous shots in which the face of the wheels as well as fitment can be seen. This will qualify you for a "B" level Zippo.

Internet Blog: If your car is featured on an automotive blog site (Stance Nation, Canibeat, Night-Import, etc), this will qualify the customer for an SSR Zippo "A" or "B." Permission must be given by the photographer and/or website to qualify. Content must be a feature and not from event coverage.

Printed Media: If your car is featured in an automotive magazine (Import Tuner, Super Street, Honda Tuning, ETC), This will qualify you for SSR Zippo "A". It must be a featured article and having your car pictured in a "Reader's Rides" does not qualify you under this section.

Live Display: If the end user's car is displayed at car shows (Spocom, Motion, ETC) and has a high quality build or setup, this can qualify them for a prize which will be determined after review of the car.


We must also receive permission to use your submitted pictures by you, the photographer and/or website(if applicable) by filling out the attached Release form and sending that to us.

Tanabe USA/SSR Wheels reserves the right to approve/reject any submissions. The level of prize will be determined solely by Tanabe USA/SSR Wheels. You must be the original purchaser of the wheels and proof or purchase(receipt/invoice) may be requested.

SSR Gallery for Discontinued Wheels

If a customer would like the submit their cars for the Official SSR Wheels gallery, they may do so with the proper forms filled out, giving permission from the end user and photographer (if applicable) to Tanabe USA?SSR Wheels to use the photos through various marketing channels. The prize for cars with discontinued wheels will be a SSR Wheels sticker and/or License Plate Frame.

Zippo Form / Photo Release Form

Please right-click and save-as (save link as...) to save on your computer.

The SSR Zippos are currently not for sale.

Email submissions to with the subject "SSR WHEELS ZIPPO PROMOTION" or we may not see your submission.

- Photos are to be from 3 different angles (Side View, Front Quarter, Rear Quarter).

- The face of the wheel must clearly be visible.

- Pictures must be on side of car which the light hits it (Shadowed side of car is no good)

- Limit Pictures to 300kB each.

- After submission is made, please allow 2-3 weeks for review and response from SSR Wheels.

- One submission per set of wheels and per person. Valid only for original purchaser of the wheels.

- Duration of this promotion is while supplies last.

- Dealers cannot participate in this promotion.

- U.S. Residents only.

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