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In 1971 SSR released the first 3 piece wheel, the MK1. Aluminum wheels were in high demand and resulted in the creation of JWL (Japan Light Alloy Wheel) Certification in 1973. The Japanese Government incorporates this certification on aluminum wheels to improve quality and safety. JWL certification involves testing impact strength and endurance strength. SSR wheels are always put through JWL testing before they are used on the street or track. In 1981, a 3rd party statutory board the VIA (Vehicle Inspection Association) was created to verify JWL testing. Both the JWL and VIA logo are embossed into each and every SSR wheel representing dedication to quality control. SSR has always focused on manufacturing precise, lightweight, and strong wheels and will continue this tradition for years to come.


width=157 Yao Factory

SSR was the first to creat 3-Piece wheels, helping to make the automotive aftermarket wheel industry what it is today. By utilizing high quality materials and precise techniques, SSR manufactures quality wheels like none other, leaving no room for compromise.

width=159 Nara Factory

In 1991, SSR learned of an advanced technology known as Semi-Solid Forging (SSF). SSR is the only manufacturer in the world to produce SSF aluminum rims and continues to research ways to further develop SSF, creating reliable, durable, lightweight and exquisite wheels.




SSR Timeline

1971- Foundation of SSR, The First 3 Piece Wheel, The MK1 is Released

1976- Inauguration of SSR. Kunimtsu Takahashi represents SSR, enters Formula Nippon and wins 1st place

1980- SSR Enters a BMW M1 in the Japan Endurance Race

1985- Foundation of overseas bases in Los Angeles

1988- Supplies wheels to Rayton House/March.

1991- All Japan Touring Car Grand Prix, Group A Champion.

1993- Foundation of SSR Factory in Nara, Japan

1995- Vienna Series is Released

2000- Type-C, Approved as the World’s Lightest.

2002- Invention of the 2 Piece Hybrid using SSF and HTM

2003- Supplies wheels to GT300 racing

2004- Supplies wheels to GT500 racing

2006- Professor MS1 & MS1R Released

2006- Begins support with Chris Forsberg Racing Team

2008- Type-F is Released

2008- Professor VF1 & VF1R Released

2010- Type-F for Euro is Released

2010- Professor SP3 & SP3R Released

2010- Vienna Claudel is Released

2011- SSR GT-03 is Released

2011- Vienna Kairos is Released

2012- Professor MS3 & MS3R Released

2012- Sponsored Team MUGEN CRZ GT in SUPER GT300 Series

2012- Vienna Mueller is Released

2013- SSR Executor CV01, CV01S, CV02, CV02S Released

2013- Sponsored Team ARTA CRZ GT in SUPER GT300 Series

2013- Sponsored Team Real Racing KEIHIN HSV-010 in SUPER GT500 Series

2013- SSR Executor EX01, EX02, EX03 Released

2014- SSR GTF Series Released: GTF01

2014- SSR GTV Series Released: GTV01, GTV02, GTV03

2014- SSR Formula Mesh Released

2014- SSR Executor CV03 & CV03S Released

2014- SSR Executor EX04 Released

2014- SSR Professor SP4 Released

2014- Sponsored Team Kunimitsu RAYBRIG NSX Concept-GT in SUPER GT500 Series

2014- Sponsored Team Real Racing KEIHIN NSX Concept-GT in SUPER GT500 Series

2014- SSR sponsored Chris Forsberg wins 2014 Formula Drift Championship Series

2015- SSR Professor TF1 Released

2015- SSR Formula MK-III Neo Released

2015- SSR Executor EX05 Released

2015- 18 inch SSR Formula Mesh Released

2016- SSR GTX01 Released

2019- SSR GTX03 Released

2019- SSR Professor SPX Released

2021- SSR GTX04 Released



In order to deliver quality and reassurance, SSR's unique quality control of production surpasses JWL standards. SSR takes a different stance when supplying wheels to the race circuit. The race spec wheels are manufactured in the same essence as the commercialized wheels. This gives SSR direct feedback from the race circuit to further enhance the technology of the wheels. Time spent at the track and involvement with an array of motorsports has led to the technological developments that are embedded in every SSR wheel. SSR continues its involvement in motorsports with numerous victories in JGTC, Time Attack, Formula D, and D1GP.

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