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Frequently Asked Questions

What size and offset wheels should I get for my car?
To determine the proper size and offset for your application, please consult one of our authorized dealers.

Do wheels affect the handling of my car?
Yes. Upgrading your factory wheels to lighter-weight SSR wheels will allow the car's suspension to perform more efficiently, increasing handling and ride quality. Also, handling will be affected by your choice of wheel size and tire size.

My tires rub the fenders of my car. What can I do?
You may be driving with wheels that are the incorrect offset for your car, your tires may be oversized, or your alignment may be wrong. Please consult your wheel and tire specialist for a professional recommendation.

Is it dangerous to drive on stretched tires?
This answer differs depending on the tire manufacturer. Contact your manufacturer to determine whether it is safe to stretch their particular tire.

What is (SBC) Super Black Coat?
Super Black Coat is a painted wheel finish that is similar in appearance to chrome. However, SBC weighs much less, allowing you to have the reflectivity of chrome without the added weight.

What kind of soap is safe for washing my wheels?
Our wheels are safe to be washed with mild soap that is safe for painted surfaces, such as carwash soap.

How should I wash my wheels?
Soak the wheels with water in a cool, shaded area. Then, loosen debris using soap and a clean microfiber cloth. Next, rinse the wheels with water, removing the remaining debris and soap. Finally, dry the rims using a soft, clean cloth.

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I damaged one of my wheels. Can I buy just one to replace it, or do I have to buy a whole new set?
Yes. You can buy just a single wheel, as long as it's a current model and application. Please verify the specs of the wheel you need, and contact one of our authorized dealers or see our online spec sheets.

Is the SSR Comp the same wheel as the SSR Type-C?
No. Although similar in appearance to the SSR Comp, the SSR Type-C has a different finish, lip, center bore, etc.

What custom options are available for SSR multi-piece wheels?
Please see the below chart on ordering custom colors for multi-piece wheels!

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