SSR Multi-piece Wheel Offset Chart
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Have you guys had trouble understanding the offset chart for the SSR Multi-piece wheels (Professor Series)? Here’s a little explanation to clear the smoke a little.

We will use the 18″ Professor SP3 offset chart for as an example.

-The numbers in the red outlined box is the lip size. So all of the widths/offsets underneath if will have the same lip size. Check the yellow outlined box. an 18×7 +49 SL disk will have the same 42mm lip as an 18×9.5 +44 HP disk.

-The letters SL, NR, MD, HP is the disk type for the wheel. For an explanation of disk types, check here.

-All widths/offsets right above or underneath one another in the same color column will have the same exterior clearance to the fender. Check the green box, the 18×7.5 +22 MD will “stick out” the same as the 18×8.5 +35mm MD. What changes in this case is the inner rim clearance to the chock/strut. So each wheel  in the same colored column will have the same outer rim clearance as the one above and below it.

-The number on the top left is the availabel bolt patterns (PCD) for this wheel. This one says “4/98~4/114.3″ meaning anything 4 lug with a lug pattern between 4×98 up to 4×114.3 can be made. And the same goes for the 5 lug in which you can do any bolt pattern from 5x98 up to 5x130.

SSR Offset chart


Blast from the Past! Part 1
Posted in Racing News, Random on Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back in 2005, Signal Auto had a Z33 that was competing in the Rev Speed Super Battle at Tsukuba. This is the same track that hosts Option Magazine's Tsukuba Super Lap.


There are 25 photos shown in the gallery below.

The Super Hi-Resolution Gallery features photos in 1500x1000 resolution and includes 29 photos NOT SHOWN below!

Model Spotlight: Lisa Kim Fleming
Posted in Random on Thursday, January 8, 2009

General Info

Name: Lisa Kim Fleming
Location: Orange County, CA
Birthdate: 4/26/85
Ethnicity: Korean/Caucasian
Measurements: 34C/24/34

Tanabe-DK: Welcome everybody back to another Model Spotlight. This time we have a face many of us may know. I’d like to welcome and thank Lisa Kim Fleming for being a part of the TanabeUSA/More-Japan/SSR Blog! Starting off with some basic questions, where were you born and raised?

Lisa: I was born in North Dakota. haha Yes very random. My dad was stationed there, I was just born there. Then lived in Korea for a few years and then raised in Sacramento, CA.

How long have you been modeling? How did you get started?

Lisa: I’ve been modeling for 3 and a half years now. I started in Sacramento, CA with a modeling agency doing commercial work. Then moved to Orange County and steered into the import scene mainly because most of my close friends work in the industry.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?

Lisa: I’m one hard headed girl. When I want something I will get it. I don’t give up…I make it happen :) You will get nowhere if you don’t have that kind of mind set. And once you have that kind of mind set…ur bound to be successful.

Thats interesting. Do you do anything else besides modeling?

Lisa: Well I just started a new company called Iunite Media Group. It’s an advertising and marketing agency. I also am part owner of, and just opening up my own modeling agency which will be called Inspired Models by Lisa Kim Fleming. (you are the first to know the name) ;)

Awesome! But with so much work, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Lisa: Hmmm spare time…I try to keep myself busy with work but if I have spare time I like to just chill with my friends…watch Korean dramas…and relax! Go eat crawfish haha or get some foot reflexology..the best in Garden Grove!

Those Korean dramas are dangerous! If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Lisa: Down to earth, real, and krazy. Down to earth…well because I am…and don’t plan to change…real…I’m very real…don’t fake anything…and don’t care if anybody doesn’t like things I do…cause I’m me. Krazy, haha…I can be crazy…maybe because I like to live each day as if it were your last day.

Wow…down to earth…AND crazy! ..Now thats unique lol. I’m sure many guys out there(and some girls…lol) would like to know what kind of guy you’re attracted to.

Lisa: haha…hmmm type of guy..I like a man that can make me happy. Happiness is everything to me…but if you wanna get picky…hehe then I would say I like a manly man…one that can take care of me like I feel secure…like I feel safe with. I like tall guys…mostly asian haha…not saying i’m not open…it’s just more my type…umm…not cheap! It’s not that I care if they’re rich, I just can’t stand someone thats always counting their money, to me I just like to make sure everyone has a good time…I don’t want a guy thats gonna split a bill. haha

Asian, not cheap, and I dont split bills. Are you seeing anybody or do I have a shot? lol

Lisa: lol Hmmm I am not currently seeing anybody..and if I was I wouldn’t say it on here hahaha. You put me on the spot for that last question haha. no answer.

…sooo i do have a shot! lol. How well is your Korean? Finish this lymric; “san toki toki ya…” …?

Lisa: ohhhh dee do gon noon ya! gong shu gong shu dee mun so …ohhh dee do gon noon ya! hahha my konglish is bad…prolly spelt it all wrong. It’s funny though because when I lived in korea when I was like 4…i spoke fluent korean…but when I moved back I forgot everything…except that song!

WOW!…that was right on! lol. If you could have 1 wish, what would you wish for?

Lisa: I would wish for happiness. Happiness would fall under my family being happy and all my loved ones. So if they are happy then I am.

Any last words, thoughts, or shoutouts?

Lisa: Nope…you asked me enough…haha i’m all drained now… but don’t forget to check out my site and…and coming soon… bai bai!

There you have it people! Thanks again to Lisa Kim Fleming for stopping by! Enjoy the pictures to the right, courtesy of Lisa. Continue checking out the blog for new, interesting, and RANDOM posts! See you next time!

SSR Limited Edition T-Shirt!!
Posted in Random on Thursday, October 23, 2008

available @

SSR MS-1 : Green Machine
Posted in Random on Friday, October 10, 2008

Wheel Spec:
Front: SSR Professor MS-1 18x9.5
Rear: SSR Professor MS-1 18x11.5
Color: Gray Silver

Decode - SSR Wheel Chart
Posted in Random on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Model Spotlight! Miss Elly Shee!
Posted in Random on Friday, September 26, 2008

General Info

Name: Elly Shee
Location: LA, California
Birthdate: 11.5
Ethnicity: Korean, 1/8 Japanese
Measurements: 32C-23-32

Tanabe-DK: Before I start asking questions, I'd like to thank Elly Shee for taking the time to do this "interview". Thank you, and welcome to the TanabeUSA / SSR Wheels / More-Japan...BLOG!

Elly Shee: Thank you~!

We'll start with some basic questions for those that have just met you. What ethnicity are you?

Elly Shee: I'm Korean and 1/8 Japanese.. YUP~!

Where were you born and raised?

Elly Shee: I was born in LA but raised all over the place. I lived in Korea for 2 years, then Denver, then back to LA. I moved over 25 times I promise!

How long have you been modeling?

Elly Shee: to be honest.... i think its my 3rd month~!

What are your likes and dis-likes? Or turn ons and turn offs, whichever way you'd like to answer that one. haha

Elly Shee:
likes: SHOES! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes~!! <3<3 Christian Louboutin), Hellokitty freak, cupcakes, skinny jeans, my sidekick, etc etc...
dislikes: I don't like to carry plastic bags around.. and bugs scare me.. ):
turn ons: My light turns on, my car turns on, my computer turns on, my phone turns on... ect ect
turn offs: What turns on must turn off~! (:

I'm sure a lot of guys out there(and maybe some girls) would like to know...are you single?

Elly Shee: I'll tell you the truth in person~!

Don't you get tired of hearing the same questions over and over again? haha

Elly Shee: Nope~! I like answering over an over again~!

Lets change it up a bit. Tell us about your family! any siblings?

Elly Shee: I have a little brother. He is a foot taller than me cuz he ate all my food when I was little~! My daddi-0 is in Korea and my mommi is in Denver~!

If not modeling, where else can we see you?

Elly Shee: You can find me at diamond bar area, disneyland, or vegass!

Whats your phone number? ..haha, kidding!

Elly Shee: Tell me YOUR number and I'll call YOU~! hehe..

SEMA Show in Las Vegas is coming up. Will you be attending?

Elly Shee: Yes I will be at SEMA.

Where can we find you?

Elly Shee: I will be with Spyder Auto. (:

I noticed your birthday is coming up that week also! Any special plans?

Elly Shee: We'll have to see! Because a lot of my friends are going to be there too! if I have a party, everyone gets an invitation! So better stop by and say ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ELLY!' well if you want to.. LOL (:

I have to ask this, how do you stay so thin?? Please tell me you have some kind of crazy diet or work out routine. haha

Elly Shee: To be honest, I dont think I'm thin at all. I've gained around 10 pounds since i moved. True story! So if you know of any secret diet routine... LET ME KNOW!

If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for? And no cheating! You can't wish for more wishes! haha

Elly Shee: Darn it. That's what I would've said. 1 wish? would be... All of my WISHES COMING TRUE! hahah you didn't say i cant say that!

For booking, what would be the best way to reach you?

Elly Shee: Email me @ OR! Myspace me? hehe

Any final thoughts, words, or shoutouts?

Elly Shee: I <3 my ttbffs, mitt buddies, twc, everyone else!

Awesome! Thanks again, Elly Shee! And thanks to everyone for visiting the blog! Keep coming back and be on the look out for cool, interesting...and RANDOM posts!

New Wheel: Vienna Kleid
Posted in Random on Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A new form of elegance born from the dish style. A multi-spoke, curvaceous, european design bringing forth a prestige look and feeling in your life. Experience the class and brilliancy of Vienna, by SSR.

Click here for more info on Vienna KLEID

Same Taste, different Flavor !!!
Posted in Random on Thursday, August 21, 2008

    19x8.5 +35            19x9.5 +43                               18x9.0 +29            18x10.5 +18

  18x9.0 +19              18x10 +11                               19x9.0 +41             19x10 +37

18x8.5 +37          18x9.5 +43                                    18x9.0 +11            18x10 +6

Yes, They are SSR Professor SP1. Just some random pics online. They got plenty of offset that you can play with.

What is wheel offset?
Posted in Random on Thursday, August 7, 2008

I just want to refresh my little knowledge on wheel terminologies. There are many terms people use both correctly and incorrectly. Correct me if I am wrong, or comment me. The wheel's offset is the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel. However, the offset of a wheel can be one of 3 different settings; zero, positive, and negative. Pictures shown are examples of SSR Professor SP1 with positive offset, negative offset, and SSR MK-III with zero offset. And of course, sometimes people use the terms High offset, low offset, and medium offset, which I will bring it up next time.

      Negative offset      
Positive offset                                       Negative offset                                          Zero offset

Well, is this the only thing I need to know to be able to sell wheels? Hell, no !!!! There are tons of terminologies and technical stuffs, i need to learn. I guess I’ll be back next time. Thanks for spending time reading up to this point!

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