Rim part performance affects wheel performance greatly.
Rim forming is technology core
The shape of wheel is looks like lying “H”. The center disk receives the load and shock as a vertical piller and rim is a lateral piller. The disk is in out of center depending on inset in the almost case. The points of rim further distance from center disk receive more load and shock. From this point of view, it is easy to understand how rim strength is important. Actually, from the extreme condition test in racing, the most of damage is in rim part. The thick rim can incraese the strength easily but weight also and it spoils the performance of car. The lightness and strength, they are in invers position and the accurate intensity calculation, fine design and the technology innovation are necessary to balance up them. FORGED, HTM (Heat Treatment Manufacture), FFT and FFT-R technologies are the core and improve the rim performance. These rim forming technologies are selected and utilized in each 1-PIECE, 2-PIECE and 3-PIECE wheel. ※FFT(Flow Forming Technology)
  Heat Treatment Manufacture rim Marvelous lightness, strength and safety
HTM rim is made by SSR innovative technology for 3piece rim. Form and heat over and over again. It gives high durability and reduce weight. Of course, this technology was born in the circuit competition.
2PIECE wheel rim technology Seamless rim Seam is weak point
As the weak point of cylindrical shape is seam, SSR manufactures seamless rim by pressing the circle material and form it. The roundness is improved by this method also.
1PIECE wheel technology (cast model) Flow forming
The rim part of casted material is pressed, streched and formed by roller while its hot(hot forging-pressure). This is Flow forming process. SSR developed the advanced flow forming technology, FFT-R. Deeply calculated and making thinner inner rim.