R&D philosophy
The evolution of wheel should not be beated by the evolution of car. This is our invariable philosophy since inception.
SSR wheel was born in circuit to improve the car performance. Since its birth, SSR wheel is being evolved at the same speed as the evolution of car. Its safety and security standard meets the customer’s needs at the high level.
Quality control
In 1970s when SSR released MK-Ⅰ,the alloy wheel demand increased drastically. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport constituted JWL standard in 1973 to ensure the safety and security of alloy wheels. JWL mark is indicated on the wheel that can pass this standard only. In 1981, the public third party VIA that inspects JWL standard was established. The quality standard of alloy wheels becamed more strict. Needless to say, SSR wheels comply with JWL standard (except for SPEED STAR series). In addtion, JWL and VIA marks on our wheels have unique value as our strength test standard is much higher than the one that is constituted by Ministry. Since established, SSR keeps evolving the performance of wheel. For us, pursueing the lightness and strength of wheel invariable theme. Therefore, our unique and higher quality standard is one of the essense of developping process. Even the fashion wheels, we pursue the lightness and strength. SSR does not change this stance.
From racing wheel
All of SSR wheels have some kinds of racing spirits that are fed back from the top category of motorsports. Our stance of wheel supplyer for motorsports is not only for increasing brand value but also for taking back data and technology from it and improving the wheel performance and quality. From legendary MK-Ⅰ, the world lightest TYPE-C and TYPE-F(certain sizes and period) and current GT series. SSR high performance wheels are tougher and racing quality itself.