Casting / Forging
The structure and manufacturing process are important factor to characterize wheels. But these are the means only. SSR chooses the structure and manufacturing method to be suitable for the theme of new developping item. There is no superiority or inferiority on structure and manufacturing process. You will understand that all of structures and manufacturing processes of SSR wheel have potential to live up to your mind.
Forged wheel
Ultimate light weight and digidity. Forged wheel has overwhelming share in the racings. Without reliable design, the dvantage of forging process cannot be drawn.
Casted wheel
The performance of current casted wheel are growing with the innovative technology like flow forming and heat treatment. The advantage of this casting process is flexivility for design. The complicated detail cannot be expressed by forging process.
1PIECESimple and best structure for sports.
It is easy to produce high accuracy and high strength because it doesn’t have any seam, it has some advantage for the lightweight. Also it’s better for the degree of freedom of the design.
2PIECENo.1 flexibility for inset.
The merit of this structure is the degree of freedom of the inset. It can make so many variation for the inset, you can choose and adjust the style you need.
3PIECERarity, craftsmanship and premium.
For the 3 piece wheel, it needs to assemble the outer rims, inner rims and center disc with pierced bolts, it is the most luxurious structure in the wheels. SSR continue to supply this as the symbolic item for premium wheel.