Express air shipping service from Japan
Express Air Service from Japan

Due to increased order wait times because of long shipping delays, many customers are waiting up to 4 or 5 months and are very eager to receive their new wheels as quickly as possible. Now being offered is express air shipping service from Japan as soon as wheel production is finished, reducing overall wait times by up to half the amount of time waiting.

For an additional cost, wheel sets can be air shipped from Japan to skip the long wait times of traditional ocean shipment. Prices are based on wheel diameter size:

• 17 inch wheels: $240.00 per wheel
• 18 inch wheels: $280.00 per wheel
• 19 inch wheels: $280.00 per wheel
• 20 inch wheels: $320.00 per wheel

Note: Air service only available when purchasing as a set of 4 wheels or more and must be 100% prepaid. Air service is not offered for single wheel orders.
(For other sizes not listed here, please inquire with us for a quote.)

Contact us directly or your favorite SSR dealer for more information.